You can either know him as the guy who’s constantly scrolling through Social Media, or the guy that always bothers his friends with the same question: “Can you quickly make a picture of me for Instagram?” Yep, that must be Ruben van de Sande (22).

Ruben is born and raised in the south of the Netherlands but moved to Tilburg when he was 18 years old, to study communications. During his study Ruben started to feel the urge of doing thing differently. He took the phrase “step out of your comfort zone” very literal and spent six months in Kuala Lumpur as well as in New York City. Although he’s very down to earth, living in these massive cities has changed him to a more creative and open-minded person.

After receiving his Bachelor in Communications and living abroad for one full year, it’s now time for a new challenge: A personal blog. The idea of starting his own blog has been crossing his mind for ages, but the doubts as well. Since he’s not the best writer nor a style icon.

” I am not a great writer or a style icon, but I love to create content and to share my thoughts”.

Anyway, the blog is finally here! At RubenvdSande.com you can find articles which are related to his 3 biggest passions: Menswear, Lifestyle and Travel. Ruben tells you everything about the clothes he wears, the journeys he makes and the products he likes. Please note that cooking doesn’t belong to the category lifestyle, as he has never made anyone happy with his famous chicken salad. He loves it though, that’s why he calls it famous.

Where to find Ruben? You can often find him working out in the gym, sitting on a terrace drinking a Gin & Tonic (or a beer) or running around cities to find the best spots. He’s currently living close to the boarder between Belgium and the Netherlands but hopes to move to Antwerp or Amsterdam one day.

Questions, feedback or do you just want to chat? Feel free to get in touch! You can either fill this contact form in or send a DM on Instagram.


  • FYI: If an article on this blog is only related to Dutch or Belgium citizens it will be written in Dutch. All the regular articles will of course be written in English 🙂