Asia 2017 | Part 1: Indonesia

What’s up guys!

At the moment I am travelling through a few countries within Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. I was thinking of starting a youtube channel to post vlogs of my trips and to take you along with me. However, I noticed that I don’t really feel like recording every highlight as I just want to enjoy it. But who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind in a couple of days 😄.

For now I just wanted to update you a little bit about the last couple of days here in Asia.

I started my trip on the 16th of July in Frankfurt (Germany), here I met up with two friends with who I will travel in the upcomimg weeks. It’s funny because one of them is German and the other one is French. We met during our semester abroad in Kuala Lumpur back in 2015. Anyway, in Frankfurt we took the plane to Den Pasar in Bali. The flight was more than relaxed as me and Max (the German) got an upgrade to business class. I don’t have pictures of the fist day / the business class experience anymore, but trust me, it was a pleasant experience 😉.

After the flight of about 16 hours we finally arrived in Bali. Our plan was to go to Nusa Lembongan straight after our arrival, so we could start our holidays as fast as possible. The only thing we slightly forgot was the fact that it’s high season at the moment 😅. If I can recommend you one thing: book your accomendation in advance (whenever you go in high season). We didn’t do it and it took quite a while before we found a place with available rooms.

The days after our arrival were all about relaxing. We went to several beaches, visited Nusa Penida and did some snorkling. Nusa Lembongan is nice, but you can not compare it to the Gili Islands at all. The beaches are less white and every bar/restaurant closes at 10 PM. A little too early if you ask me 😌.

Besides Nusa Lembongan we also went to Uluwatu, a more crowded place full of nice hotspots and beaches where you can surf. One of my favourite places was the Mango Tree House, a breakfast/luch spot where you could get a lot of healthy choices like acaii bowls, fresh smoothies, salads etc.

I hope this first personal update isn’t too messy / unstructured. I think I will write some hotspot blogposts, but let me know what you’d like to see or read. Just send me a message here or on Instagram/Facebook.


– Ruben

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