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Breaking a sweat in style

Hey guys,

A couple of weeks ago I received some sportswear from Björn Borg. Once again i realized that good looking sportswear can make you feel so much better whenever you are hitting the gym or going for a run outside. My dad always tells me that the gym isn’t a runway show, but a nice outfit can definitely take some attention off your red and sweaty face.

The clothes that I’m wearing on the photos below belong to the latest sport collection of Björn Borg, which contains shirts, shorts, underwear and even shoes. The collection is designed to make you feel and look active and attractive. What I specifically like it that the products are made of a fabric that stays dry, even though you’re sweating like crazy. According to me the only disadvantage is that some shirts have very long sleeves (not the shirts that I’m wearing in the pictures btw).

I loved trying out the new sportswear of Björn Borg, as sport has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up in a very sporty family, so it was more than normal that my brother and I would enter a sports club at a young age. Besides that I have a twin brother, which makes everything a lot more competitive. We’re both bad losers, so we always want to be the best, especially in sports. Unfortunately he’s a born athlete so I basically lost every single time (which I’ve accepted in the mean time haha!).

Because I received quite a few DM’s about my health and how I keep myself motivated, I thought it would be nice to answer 5 questions within this blogpost. Please note that I do not have an amazingly muscled body and that I am not a trainer or a Nutritionist. Below answers are based on my personal experience/preferences and how I try to stay healthy.

How often do you workout?

I try to work out 5 times a week. But I’ve had times where I went 7 or just 4 times, it depends on how I’m feeling.

How do you find the time to workout?

It really annoys me when people say: “I really don’t have the time to workout”. You do! You need to make time to workout, just schedule your workouts and you’ll see that you have enough time.

What keeps you motivated?

A lot: Instagram, cool clothes, friends, health, society, basically everything. I don’t feel good whenever I eat unhealthy or skip my workouts. I also hate to feel uncomfortable about my body on the beach.

What kind of workouts do you do?

I like to combine cardio with strength. I love cardio because it clears my mind and because I can do it outside. I’m currently living close to the shores, so I usually go for a run along the beach. However, strength training is really important to define and tone your body. I have to admit.. I need to do it a lot more.

Any tips for feeling more comfortable in the gym?

Someone recently told me that he didn’t feel comfortable in the gym, surrounded by all the muscled people. The only thing I can advise is that everyone has started once, even that muscled man or toned woman. Just go ;).

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