Let’s get tropical

Hi Guys,

It’s currently raining in the Netherlands, but in the last few weeks we got introduced to some tropical temperatures. I loved it, the more sun, the better. That’s why I’m really looking forward to my trip to Asia this summer. I will chase the sun and spend 2 weeks in Indonesia, 3 days in KL, 4 weeks in Vietnam and 1 week in Hong Kong. A lot to look forward to + a lot of possibilities to shoot epic photos ;). I’ll write some hotspot blogposts and I will of course share a lot of pictures on my blog and on Instagram. If you don’t follow me yet: rubenvandesande.

Anyway, to get into the tropical mood I went to a botanical garden in Amsterdam. I received quite a few DM’s about this location, but it’s called “Hortus Botanicus”. Tropical vibes all over because it’s steaming hot in there and you’ll find some exotic plants/trees.

I was dressed for the occasion and wore some of my favorite floral printed short sleeve shirts. I like to wear these kind of shirts in high temperatures as they are very airy and look really cool. You’ve probably seen them on more menswear blogs, as it’s quite trendy these days. I’ll definitely buy a few other ones because I’m obsessed. The ones I’m wearing in the photos below are both from Selected Homme. I’ve added the shopping links as well ;).

S H O P:

Blue shirt: Shop here

Dark green shirt: Shop here

  • Cheers!


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