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Hot weather asks for different products, different scents and different looks. Today I will show you some of my favourite products to use during hot summer days.

First of all, every product that I’m showing you in this article is pretty affordable: a little more expensive than drugstore products, but you will definitely notice and feel the difference. I’ve separated the products in two categories: body & hair.


I think Rituals is probably known by many of you. However, I do want to mention the entire SAMURAI line as these products literally make you “cool down”. The line has a base of organic Japanese bamboo combined with mint and cedar wood. Especially the shower gels that contain mint are great to use during summer or after a though workout. You’ll feel refreshed straight away.

Next to the mint, the organic bamboo makes your skin smooth and the cedar wood adds a great scent. I think Rituals is always doing a good job when it comes to the scent of their products. The scents are strong and last for the entire day, a big plus if you ask me.

Products that I use on a daily base:

  • SAMURAI cool deo spray, the best deo ever according to me;
  • SAMURAI shower, or the Ice shower during hot days;
  • SAMURAI cool down;
  • SAMURAI scrub (not daily).

I do have to say that I’m not the biggest fan of the shampoo’s within the SAMURAI line.


When it comes to my hair I aaaalways use a dry wax product, never a wet gel or anything else. A wet product can make your hair look greasy while a dry wax makes it look like you didn’t even use a product.

I have tried many waxes, but since I have very thick hair a lot of products do not give me the hold I want. A few months ago my hairdresser advised me to try out the products of Goldwell, a brand which you can buy at specific hairdressers or online. I’m obsessed with it.

The wax that I’m currently using is called the “Roughman”; a matte cream paste which gives your hair a great hold while remaining flexible. The “Superego” is kind of the same, but gives a bit more shine to your hair and has a little less hold.


RITUALS: shop here

GOLDWELL: shop here


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