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You’re probably not surprised that my blog also contains menswear posts, right? If you follow me on Instagram you’ve maybe noticed that I recently changed the content of my page. I used to post a lot of travel pictures, but as of December 2016 I decided to focus more on menswear and lifestyle. A blog was one step too far for me back then, but I have already changed my mind. Instagram is great for posting pictures, but unfortunately the app only allows us to add a short amount of text. Here, at, I will be able to go deeper into topics that I like + I can answer questions. Oh, and I just really like to talk a lot as well..

So here it is, my first ever menswear post, how fun!

I actually didn’t plan to shoot this outfit since I was initially going for lunch with my buddy Marjolein Luijk in Vlissingen (of all places). Usually we only eat, drink, talk and laugh a hell of a lot, but this time we needed to test my new camera.

Making pictures with the automatic set up isn’t hard, but since I wanted to use a very low aperture I needed to do all the settings myself. We wasted about an hour, but luckily the pictures within this article worked out well :). I love the blurry backgrounds.

W H A T  I ‘ M  W E A R I N G

Due to a lack of time in the morning my outfit ended up being pretty casual. However, I do think that this combination is always good. I combined a plane white T-shirt with a ripped jeans from Topman and some light grey sneakers from Adidas.

Because it’s still quite cold in the Netherlands I decided to wear a light grey vest underneath my (fake) leather jacket. This gives the outfit an even more casual touch + it’s a lot warmer. A leather jacket is of course very classic item, I guess almost everyone has one in his/her closet. This one in particular is one of my faves due to the lines that are sewn onto it. It makes you look 10 times more muscular, something we all want, right?

Finally I am wearing the 40 mm Classic Black watch by Daniel Wellington. This watch has become one of my favorites because it’s so timeless and easy to combine.




S H O P :

  • T-Shirt: JACK & JONES
  • Jeans: TOPMAN
  • Jacket: ZARA
  • Vest: JACK & JONES
  • Shoes: ADIDAS (model: campus)
  • Watch: Daniel Wellington

Hope you like it & let me know what you think!

  • Ruben

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