Sunny Sundays with Fatboy


Spring has officially started about a month ago and we’ve already had a few sunny days here in the Netherlands. To me this is a good reason to spend more time outside and to get some extra vitamin D. It’s still way too cold to sunbath, but the weather is good enough to have a drink on a terrace or to relax in your garden.

I combined both last week as I had just received the “Original Outdoor beanbag” from Fatboy. Fatboy is a Dutch brand that is known for their beanbags (and other cool products). I was of course familiar with the brand and some of their products, but I did not know that they’d also launched an outdoor version of the beanbag. This one is made of special material that’s water and dust repellent. Ideal for a relaxed afternoon or a sunbath session if you ask me.

I immediately asked one of my good friends and neighbour to come over for some snacks and a glass of cava, as we needed to end the weekend properly. We do not see each other often so it’s always nice to catch up. My parents’ house has a terrace that’s close to the water, which made setting look very idyllic and cosy.

As you can see on the below picture, the bag is big enough for the both of us. It’s also super comfortable and actually pretty lightweight. You can easily move it to a better or sunnier spot, or even another location ;). Maybe I’ll take it to the beach this summer, how cool would that be? I’m sure it will lead to a lot of funny faces as it just fits in my car (which is not the Mini Cooper I showed you on Instagram haha).

Wishing you a great (and sunny) weekend!

For those interested, you can find/shop the product HERE.


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